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New opportunities,
web3 student entrepreneurship … is the decentralized community for innovation and research

Cooperation is the future. is a web 3 network of students from leading universities worldwide cooperating on research, projects, and entrepreneurship. is being built as a DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organisation) supported by a utility token we call QLICK. These tokens enable students to earn for their research, data, and content they produce.


Present your research in short videos.
Identify domain experts which can help create cutting-edge research.
Identify previous research which can be built on.


Build startups ! Receive recommendations to build a better team with greater likelihood of success. Understand the metrics investors are looking for, to increase your chances of funding.
Build international or national teams, including undergraduate interns, graduate co-founders, and alumni board members. is building relationships with companies: based on your interaction on, be recommended to firms on graduation.


Distributed ledger technologies promise frictionless markets and deep integrations to create meaningful experiences for users. Web3 promises user control over data, ubiquitous access to data, freedom of interaction, and better security.
The QLICK tokens bring value to your content, research, and data. They can be earned by participating on The QLICK token grants holders access to system functionalities, and allows holders to propose changes and further contribute to the platform.


Web3 means ownership of content, data, and research.
Own QLICK tokens when your content is viewed, when researchers access your data and research you have shared.

We believe in the future

Community-first. Sharing and networks increase the value of research many times.
User ownership of data. Researchers should be the ones that benefit from the data and research they create.
Research can lead to innovation, and this is easier when founders know the metrics used to evaluate them.

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