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We help you take ownership over your data and benefit from your presence on the platform.

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You don't need to do the job search alone - we do it with you. Our recommender system is built with your benefit in mind. Receive feedback on your personal development and get access to metrics used in recruitment process.

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Token Rewards

Participate on the platform and earn utility tokens. With tokens you can personalize the platform and design your perfect research hub or start-up incubator.

Research. The age of innovation is now.

Present your research ideas in short videos and get peer review feedback. Become a domain expert in your area to get more matches with start-ups and employers.

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Entrepreneurship. Think with scale in mind.

Set up your team, share documents and work towards achieving a common goal. We want to help you set up your business from the level of an idea to a full scale business. Search for employees, relevant research,

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Network. Social and productive.

Assemble a network of valuable connections with researchers in your area - across the UK, Europe, and the world. Find like-minded business enthusiasts or just build long-lasting friendships. It's your world and your opportunities.

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